Leadership is defined as 'the action of leading a group of people or an organization'. To me, leadership is more then just leading but aswell inspiring and empowering.

My name is Kayla St.Croix, currently enrolled Level II student at Mobile Central High. As a Horizon Student, this blog will not only be about leadership and volunteerism in my life, but everything else I do that contribute to my life.

As Kevin Garnett said, "Anything is possible."

Sunday, December 18, 2011


This link features Natalie Warne, a 20 year old girl who talks of her work with the Invisible Children movement, and how it made her a younge activist. At only 17 years old, she was a voice which made a difference.
I found this so inspiring because she was an average teen age girl, struggling with high school and challenges at home. She didn't let those struggles get in her way though. She fought past, worked hard and with alot of fails and bumps along the way, she was successful in her goal-passing a bill.
Many people tell us youth that one voice makes a difference, but others say we're too young to do anything. Natalie Warane shows, and proves, that you are never too young to make a difference, which truely inspired me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

I should thank my brother before I say anything. He was the one who I watched as a kid eat supper on the run as he juggled school, sports and volunteering. Who knew that would be me just a couple years later.

I am in love with sports. For as long as I can remember I have been kicking a soccer ball or dribbling a basketball or catching a softball. Maybe it was the rink dad made outside so I could practice my skating or the snow he'd shovel so I could still play basketball in the winter that made me fall inlove with sports. My love for sports began my love for volunteering.
When I was 13, I began volunteering. I didn't even think I was volunteering, just thought of it as "helping out". As I spent my thursday nights at the elementary school helping coach a track and field team, I'd tell my friends, "Sorry, can't go out tonight, I'm 'helping' the track team". The following year, I decided to step up and help assistant coach a grade 1-2, boy's and girl's, basketball league. This was so much fun because you never knew what they would do or say at any minute! It was impossible to keep a straight face, as I was laughing and smiling constantly. Because that was such a positive experience, I decided to challenge my self even more by becoming assistant coach of a grade 5 boy's basketball team. As I applied my knowledge of the sport, I inspired and motivated these kids to fulfil their potential and express their love of the sport. Today, I still coach these same group of boys. The boys were so successful last year and never gave up on me that I couldn't give up on them.

I also expressed my love of sports in my community at the Regional Games held each summer by the BBBAA. Being sports volunteer at these sporting events for various ages, I have learned to work cooperatively with people of all ages. These games are kind of like a Mini-Olympics for our communities with a non-competitive attitude. These are followed in the winter with the Winter Carnival were I dedicate my time aswell.

In my community, I have been strongly involved with Girl Guides. I am a currently enrolled Ranger, and a Junior Leader for Brownies in my area. Through Girl Guides I have completed Womens Self-Defense and Babysitting Course as well as working on my Duke of Edinburgh award and Girls For Safer Communities Training (to name a few of my accomplishments). I was nominated for Ranger of the Year 2011 as well. This is my second year as a Junior Leader, volunteering with Brownies every thursday. I was aswell a volunteer at a district 100 Year Birthday Celebration Bash.This past weekend we were a part of the Santa Clause Parade in Witless Bay, having a "Smurfy Christmas"- it was so much fun. This past August, I travelled to Switzerland for 2 weeks, representing Canada at an International Event bringing together Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Being 1 of 8 girls chosed from across the entire Nation I was honored to represent my Country and Girl Guides of Canada with great pride. Travelling across the world with new friends and I learned new Leadership skills that I will always have.

I have to admit, I am a bit OC with recyclables. For as long as I can remember, my mom has had a second bucket in our kitchen-one for garbage and one for recycables. As I watched kids throw recycables in the garbage, I would have to bite my tounge from freaking out. So as a 13 year old, I went to my science teacher and we organized a Green Team. As Green Team Leader, I got my first taste of Leadership in my school, organizing meetings and recycling blitzs.

Last year, I found a key in a back room of our school. It was big-cut out key saying SADD School of the Year. Noticing we not longer have a SADD Chapter, I addressed the problem and not long after we had a chapter of 32 students. As SADD President, I had to think of fun ways to get to message accross clearly-not to drink and drive. Through weekly activities, our school knew of our new group as we made a name for ourselves.

In my school, I have been a part of Student Council since grade 7 as class representative. This year, I was elected as Co-President. This was something I always wanted to be-a long term goal you could say. Every year at elections I would watch older students tell what they want to change or add to our school. As I watched them, I always dreamt it would be me someday up addressing and fixing problems or just comming up with cooler and funner spirit days.Today that goal has been achieved.

Through my work experience, I have gained much Leadership Skills. With exprience from volunteering at an Easter Day Camp along with all my other involvement , I was hired as Day Camp Consellor and Soccer Coach. I spent my summer days with kids then my evenings coaching soccer to ages 4-10. I recieved High Five Training in two areas: Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) and Sport. I also recieved my first-aid and CPR training. Presently, I work at the After School Program.

I have great love for music. I have played the Piano and still continue to take lessons. I have competed in Kiwanis Festivals since the age of 9 and am currently studying for the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. I have been a member of Shallaway as well as member of my school band and choir. I have participated in Coffee House and school 'Variety Show'. Playing the piano relaxs me from stress of a busy scheduale.

I have and currently still am working with a little girl with special needs. This has impacted me in many ways, as I do not take anything in my life for granted. I live my life to the fullest and take any oppertunity I get. Through working with her the past 3 years, I feel I want to become a pediatrician when I get older. Watching her progress in so many ways makes me feel so happy to haved helped her reach each destination in her journey. I want to experience this feeling throughout the rest of my life.
Being chosen as a HORIZONS Student, I have met many new friends and been given the oppertunity to take part in Leadership Development Weekends and future leadership events. Through these events, I get to learn from other peoples leadership experiences as they can learn from mine. 
But I must keep a scheduale. Between working, volunteering, playing numerous sports and piano, and keeping up my school work, I slightly feel like superwomen. If it means eating supper 'on the run', I am ok with that because in the end of the day it is what is keeping me happy, and making me..me!