Leadership is defined as 'the action of leading a group of people or an organization'. To me, leadership is more then just leading but aswell inspiring and empowering.

My name is Kayla St.Croix, currently enrolled Level II student at Mobile Central High. As a Horizon Student, this blog will not only be about leadership and volunteerism in my life, but everything else I do that contribute to my life.

As Kevin Garnett said, "Anything is possible."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I think it has been from all my many, many injuries from sports, that I have grown this weird love for the hospital. My mom thinks it is rather strange, as when I enter the hospital I feel a little at home.

Right now, my plan is to go to MUN to study Nursing. Hopefully I become successful, and apply to Med school. I plan to specialize in Pediatrics, as all my work with young kids has really influenced me. I have such a love for them.

Anything medical, and I am drawn in. Maybe it's because my mom is a nurse and for as long as I can remember, I have heard more things about health than anything else. I remember being told to eat my carrots because it waas good for my eyes, or drink milk for strong bones like other kids. But then it was mom taking home CPR videos and me practicing along with my little doll or playing with my mom's stethoscope and bloodpressure cuff. I could successfully take accurate bloodpressure at the age 9, even though I didnt quite understand  what it meant.

Through my volunteer, extracirricular and work experience with both kids, sports and recreation has greatly shaped. Often I consider Kinesiology or physical education, but I am just going to take life as it comes, instead of planning too far in advance.

I plan to continue my volunteering, as far to hopefully take part in a international project through volunteer projects like Projects Abroad etc.. I think it would be cool to volunteer with an organization on the other side of the world. To know I have made an impact miles and miles away, would be just amazing. Whether it be big or small, we must start somewhere.

At MUN, I can see myself becoming part of clubs or societies. MUNSU sounds pretty awesome, and being a part of the Horizons Team that helps organize our LDW and LEAP would be awesome. As I approach MUN, I know I will look further into those specifics as I find a club or society I am very interested in and passionate for. The balance between what love to do, need to do and want to do..Thats what its all about right?

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I apologize for my delay in post, but us HORIZON students are quite busy !!
Post 3 due back in January is about us. What am I into?

I am an active volunteer in my community.
Every Thursday evening, I volunteer at Brownie meetings. Brownies is the Girl Guide group for young girls in grade 2 and 3. I am an enrolled Ranger with Girl Guides of Canada and being a Junior Leader is part of the program in which I thoroughly enjoy in particular. I get to help teach girls, enhancing girl empowerment.

I recently finished coaching a grade 5 boys team. They had their provincials 2 weeks ago, and won gold. I was so proud of them. I had coached the grade 5 team last year, and boys who were in grade 4 asked me to stay to coach them this year again. I so impressed to be able to watch these boys develop their skills over the past two years. I plan to stick with this group of boys throughout their school basketball.
During the summer, I had coached U6, U8, and U10 boys and girls soccer teams, in which I literally spent each weekday night at out local soccer field. In the past I have also coached elementary track and feild team.

Each year, our community holds a Winter Carnival. This includes almost 2 weeks of activities for all ages. Things such as sliding parties, family fun-days, fishing durbys, community breakfast, pre-teen and teen dances, adult auction are just some of the activities of the week. I happily help out with various events during this week.

Through my role as President of our school's SADD Chapter last year, I knew I was able to take on a larger role of Student Body Co-President. A successful year as President last year left me to pass on my role, and move onto a larger one, Student Council Co-President.
Within my school, I am a very active member in our Student Council. I have been elected within my grade each year (up til grade 10) since grade 7 by my class mates as class representative. This year, with all my experience on the council, I decided to run for Co-President. Elected by fellow school mates, I successfully got in. Through the past few months as Co-President, I have had to opportunity to organize many events such as Spirt Days/Week, school dances, sporting pep-rallys, Breast Cancer Fundraiser, Shave for the Brave, Terry Fox Run, organize Santa Clause Parade float, 30 Hour Famine Event, ..to name a few.
I expect many more events to take place as the year continues.

I also volunteer with a little girl who is now aged 5. I started working with her at the age 15, just after she suffered a brain injury. Through many different trainings such as OT, I have done alot of one on one work with this child, inwhich I am so happy to say she has come a long way.

Other things I am involved in are sports teams such as our Senior Girls Basketball Team, U17 Girls basketball team, Senior Soccer Team, Senior Girls Hockey Team, Senior Girls Softball team and Cross country.
This year, our soccer team won regionals, and got the opportunity to travel to provincials for the second year in a row.
I love playing sports, it makes up a major part of my life. Through events such as Regional Games and through my coaching of both youth basketball and youth soccer, as well as track and field, I feel I have had the opportunity to share my love and skills to others.

I myself play piano. I have since I was 5. Through this, I have competed in many Kiwanis Festivals, but as well volunteered as a performer at many events such as Community Outreach Dinner, Coffee House, Variety Shows, to name a few.

In the future, I would like to get involved in the Special Olympics as a volunteer coach.  Through my work a special needs child and coaching, I feel this is an area I would really enjoy and be able to successfully apply my skills.